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9th January 2015 – Stars of the Week


Isaac and Tristantrying really hard in PE with Jack.


 Class 1

Aden for trying really hard with his reading at home and at school.

Regan for using impressive strategies to add in his head.

Olena for being a good role model for the class.

Jacob Be for really impressive work during fractions, including teaching his friends how to find a 1/3 of an amount.


Class 2

Millie for producing some super sentences in literacy this week.

Harry for superb effort in maths this week – keep it up!

Tommy for impressive division work this week Tommy – well done.

Logan for doing well with his multi-link maths investigation


Class 3

David for a great contribution to class discussions this week.

Maddison for super enthusiasm and speed to embrace new concepts in maths.

Rosa for great problem solving skills in maths this week within the topic of shape.

Tiffany for excellent contribution to group discussion in guided reading this week.

Stars of the Week 18th – 22nd November 2013


Alisha Robins on for ‘addition’ in maths and writing calculations accurately.

Emma Fenton for making a lovely Diwali lantern and setting a good example for good behaviour at all times.

Class 1

Daniel W – trying hard with his reading and moving up a level!

Holly – trying hard to learn her spellings

Harvey M – super money work in Maths

Harvey R – great work with sequencing in Literacy


Class 2

Beck – for his mental maths skills.

Daniel- for his imagination in poetry big write.

William- for using column method to subtract.

Aaliyah- for continuous effort in all areas of learning


Class 3

Penny for helping her class mates with the embroidery.

George for his Big Write, lots of tension & suspense!

Victoria has worked hard in maths & literacy this week, well done.

Jessica had great ideas in Science about how we use air and air resistance.

Stars of the Week – 11th to 15th November 2013


Regan for improvement in his writing.

Lola-Rose for trying very hard with spelling.

 Class 1

Leo & Daniel  both trying hard and finishing their work on time.
 Jacob Bunting – trying hard in topic.
Millie Webster – super maths work
Class 2
Emily – working very hard in Maths
Daniel – Letter in RE was excellent
Tyler – Tried very hard in the play practise
Freya – for always doing her morning work and coming into class well.

Class 3

The whole class deserve a star this week for the enthusiasm and drive for the World War II topic, I have never known a class to be so excited and full of ideas – they received lots of raffle tickets for their efforts.

However in particular, Rosa, James, Emma and Spencer really ‘went to town’ with their homework, making lots of notes from their discussions and locating some exciting primary resources to support their work.

Stars of the week 4th – 8th November 2013

Stars of the week


Lucy  for trying very hard with her reading

Lacey for making a lovely firework picture, labelling it and writing a sentence about it.

Class 1

Harry for trying hard and having a great attitude to learning.

Olivia and Millie have been trying hard with the Christmas play.

Poppy’s maths work has been super this week.

Class 2

Logan for his multiplication work in maths this week.
Alfie for his multiplication work in maths this week.

Aimee for always trying her best in Phonics.
Aaliyah for her help and support in the classroom.

Class 3

Spencer for great working creating a harsh landscape for his quest story in Literacy.

Harry for trying hard to set his work out as requested in Maths.

James and Harvey for an enthusiastic start to the new topic of World War 2. Both have demonstrated an excellent attitude and mature approach to learning.

Stars of the Week – 25th October 2013


Jaden for remembering how to use the search bar on the computer to find a program. He was looking for ‘Big Cat Phonics’.

Summer-Brook for using Numicon to help her to count accurately and write her numbers in order from 1-10

Class 1

Harvey M & Ruby for trying hard in the Big Write!

Isabelle for super maths work on a numberline.

Harry for fabulous art work in Topic.

Class 2

Chloe F always trying hard in all subjects.
Maddison for working hard in morning work this week.
Ruby great description in morning work.
Jon for constant effort in maths this week.

Class 3

Rosa & Paige for their excellent poems in Literacy

Joshua for applying the steps to calculate findng fractions of measures.

Broady for great work as ‘comma splice police’ finding and correcting the use of commas in a text.

Stars of the Week 13th September 2013

Stars of the Week – 13th September 2013


In a morning, Max and Ashton come into school independently – that’s fantastic!

Year 1

Charlie, even though he has an arm in pot, has kept on working hard!

Harvey R for counting in Maths.  He is a Mathmagician!

Year 2

Millie W for trying hard and having a great attitiude to learning.

Wilson – has produced super work in Topic this week.

Year 3
Thomas – always coming into class well and getting on with morning work.

Lauren – always coming into class well and getting on with morning work.

Year 4

Tyler – great attitude in maths; supporting Joshua and Alisha with a difficult task.

Jamie – super improved handwriting – he is working well towards his pen license.

Year 5

James has been responding to comments in class and completing all the tasks in Numeracy.

Jessica has been asking and acting upon advice in Numeracy and has made good contributions in discussions in English.

Year 6

Kieran Horsburgh worked so hard in Maths this week, tackled division and flew through word problems on Thursday.

George wrote the most amazing story about the lighthouse keeper – you can see it on our blog too!

stars of the week


Harvey M for excellent work in maths, halving by sharing. 

Olena for fantastic work in maths. Halving ‘teen’ numbers, using problem solving skills

Year 1

 Leo for working independently and staying on task. 

Cole used super adjectives in Literacy, well done.

Year 2

 Freya has been trying very in in Literacy and has used speech marks.

Hannah has demonstrated a great ability to recall number bonds to 100.

Year 3

David  – Year 3 – Work that he has put in at home to improve his work on angles.
Joshua – Year 3 – Improvement and trying hard to work independently.

Year 4
Ruby – Year 4 – Demonstrating to the class how to use oil pastels, whilst working on our solar system model.
Ben – Year 4 – Working hard during morning work.

Year 5

Larissa and Katie for trying very hard with some tricky calculations in Numeracy and for interesting writing in Literacy.

Year 6

Peter has worked very hard in his Numeracy investigation and has organised a lunchtime club that is very popular.

Ellie-May recorded a leavers video that made Mrs Thresh very proud – her language choice was outstanding!


Stars of the week – 5th July


Tia for very good progress with reading as she practises lots at home too.

Charlie for trying hard in maths, doubling and writing number sentences.


Year 1 & 2

 Wilson, William, Thomas L and Alfie for working really hard on their Kandinsky paintings.

Year 3

Alisha – for x 10 and dividing by 10 in maths this week.
Emily – for the work produced with Mia on the Dalton poster, and working well together.

Year 4
Mia – for the work produced with Emily on the Dalton poster, and working well together.
Paige – for her overall attitude to learning.

Year 5

Katie and Broady for using Excel to interpret sports day data.


Year  6

 Rebecca for fabulous Excel work, collecting data from the Internet and creating tables and graphs. Accepted a challenge too!

Jacob worked well in his team whilst researching information about a USA tourist attraction. He is becoming an expert about the ‘Walk of Fame’.

Star of the Week – 10th May 2013

Stars of the Week



Poppy for beautiful manners in the dinner hall and setting a good example at all times. 

Harvey  for practising hard with his reading and making very good progress as a result.


Class one will be added on Monday, sorry.


Year 3

Chloe F – writing a recount based on a rainforest journey – super attempt. 

Maddison – wonderful improvement in division this week- well done

Year 4

Rosa – Super morning work this week. Also for gaining fantastic feedback for her clarinet playing. 

Kyla  – RE artwork- recreation of the Garden of Eden.  

Year 5

Broady has been very helpful, support his peers and has tried supper hard in Maths. Emma has also worked hard in Maths, keep it up!

Year 6

Harry has been putting in 100% effort this week, especially in Maths, as has Ellie-May – her literacy grammar work was a big improvement.  



Stars of the Week 26th April 2013

Stars of the Week


Well done Ruby for a wonderful holiday picture and to Harvey Robinson for his holiday collage.

Year 1

 For working with fraction Thomas earns SOTW and Ashlene has demonstrated super handwriting. (Pics to follow soon)

Year 2

Jon was awarded SOTW as he worked very hard in Maths. Beck showed that he could round and double numbers, what a Mathmagician! 


Year 3

Keegan for his continued effort in Maths. Keegan has done really well using the number line.

Alisha has put a tremendous amount of effort in this week – in Literacy, Numeracy and PE.


Year 4

Bradley – SOTW for his piece of rainforest work in Literacy.  He has written an excellent recount this week.

Mia – Tried hard in maths and has done well with her written methods



Year 5

Mr Sainter was very pleased with the help that Charlie-Jack gave Mr Sainter and George worked very hard on his assessments. Amazing work boys, keep it up!

Year 6

Ellie-May worked very hard in Maths, working out nets and problems associated with them. 

Peter used the iPad to document the work his group did when making flapjack. His film was amazing.