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Science – reversible or irreversible?

Year 5 have been thinking about reversible and irreversible changes, playing a board game – can’t believe how competitive they are!

Shadows in Science

Year 5 have been investigating how shadow length changes over the day. We have measured the shadow and discussed how the position and length changed. We are very sure the Sun doesn’t move in the sky… but the Earth does rotate so the Sun appears to “move”! Watch out for the time lapse video of our experiment which will be online is week.

Science Year 5 – the heart

In Year 5 science Mrs Khan brought in the heart of a sheep to help the children understand about the different parts and how the heart works.


Hedgerow Walk – Class 3

The surrounding countryside provided a wealth of resources and inspiration for Class 3’s work on hedgerows. As well as teaching the pupils about the importance of Britain’s hedgerows, the work is linked to art, our harvest celebrations and the work of William Morris, a Victorian artist. Later in the term pupils will be learning more about Victorian artists and inventors.