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Autumn in Foundation

Look at these wonderful autumnal displays in Foundation! The hedgehog maths looks like prickly fun!

Year 6 net investigation


Year 6 have been researching nets and working out which sides become parallel.

Numicon Year 1 Maths

In Year 1 Maths this morning, Harry was very quick! He explained what he had to do…”I had to make a way to 100 just using tens but you could only use one lot of ten and then two of any other number up to ten…”


Cars in Motion – Maths is fun!

Pupils in Class 3 have started ‘Cars in Motion’. It was very successful and popular last year and the pupils now in Year 6 that are ‘experts’ have been training our new recruits! Our first track this term is Abu Dhabi.

 Quote from the website – Our aims are simple – to help raise standards of achievement in mathematics…, to help motivate students generally, to show students of all abilities that maths can be fun and that there is a reason for doing it! Using tried and tested software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students will encounter a variety of mathematical tasks (some practical) in an effort to win a series of races!