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Bear and Hare – Mrs Thresh’s Literacy

walk in wood

We have been using the John Lewis  advertisement as inspiration for creative writing. Here are our ideas for the opening scene.

Wandering across the evening sky the migrating geese soared, unhurried and distant, above the mountain while Autumn slowly descended.


Floating softly through the cold foggy evening sky, the pollen like tiny little fairy’s skimming the luminous crystal light.  As slow as a snail ambling, a bear and a hare were enjoying each others company. Suddenly the immense bear rose up, just to see something bright and special.


Scattering all over were lots of miniature insects, the trees where swaying as the two animals came along the path. Sly as a fox they crept round the dusty path. As the bear and the hare strolled round the trees they were enjoying each other company. Suddenly the bear rose up on his legs and sensed something. 


As the plants departed the clouds danced around the sky. Underneath the misty sky the towering trees just let the light peek through the illumining branches of the lofty trees. Above the moss covered rocks are the enormous misty mountains with just a peek of snow at the top. Wandering slowly and quietly the bear and the hare pondered. Strolling through the bright forest suddenly the bear sensed a part of winter.


Lofty trees and cold misty lakes within towering mountain, the ancient rocky path was used by a few insects. Chestnut brown ferns so small also dead leaves falling to rocking ground. As clever as a calculator they were not forgetting to think about the moss, on the rocks within the freezing wetness of the ground, on the dark, damp floor. Swiftly the big bear and the little hare were just passing by, with the hare on the back of the bear, but then the bear stopped!  Gradually his nose raised twitching around, the air began to get icy.


Slowly glancing down they saw things changing, also hearing the sound of crunching leaves. Above the land was the gleaming light of the sky. Sauntering along the bear and the hare strode along having comedy. Suddenly the bear stood up on to his back legs and recognize that winter was coming.