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Stars of the Week

Stars of the Week 19th April 


Tia for using her own ideas and Jacob Bunting for his wonderful attitude to reading. 

Year 1

Isabelle has been given SOTW for her phonics and reading work and to Cole for his wonderful expression when reading.


Year 2

SOTW has been awarded to Logan for answering lots of questions and to Daniel  for a great attitude and maths work.


Year 3

Mental maths went very well for Tyler this week and Jamie’s determination in Maths has been outstanding.


Year 4 

Within topic work Spencer contributed well to discussions and Libby worked hard on her recount planning.


Year 5

Larissa and Katy have been awarded SOTW for fabulous mental maths skills.

Year 6

Megan has been given SOTW for her letter to PGL.

Dear Helen and the other PGL staff,

Thank you for a wonderful trip we all a brilliant time. I had a great time all the activities and the songs it was a great laugh. I think it’s the best school trip we have ever been! Nevertheless I think our teachers may have enjoyed it more than we have?

Whilst on my trip at PGL I’ve gained a lot of confidence, at first I was worried about the sleeping out (something I really don’t like). I never thought I would do some of the things I did like the all aboard and the vertical challenge. It has helped with: confidence, climbing skills and independence. Meanwhile I was less worried than I thought I would be.

My favourite activity will have been the vertical challenge. It was super fun! It was all about the team work and how much you have pushed yourself. Despite the fact that was my favourite activity I still enjoyed everything else (except from the rain and cold weather).

Finally I just want to say thank you for having us and for all the help and support that you have given us. Besides the help off all the instructors I would mainly like to thank Helen, for all the time you have spent making us laugh and making it that little bit better. I loved PGL and I hope I can come back again… “it’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die”

Yours sincerely


Jacob works very hard in his morning activities and so have been given SOTW for great maths skills and independence.