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Mountain Art

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Queen Victoria

Year 5 & 6 have been researching the life of Queen Victoria and writing a CV for her. They had to draw a picture of her too…

Weather Art

Class One have been creating art work based on their topic of weather.


Rainbow / Fruit Loops Art

Class One have been investigating colour and rainbows. They used cereal loops to recreate the arch and colours of a rainbow.

Movement art

University student, Jess, came into class and spoke to the class about her work and how she has been taught to draw. The children were really impressed with her work and keen to hear about the coursework and expectations of university. Jess worked with the class in the movement art too, they said after that it was nice to have a teacher who can actually draw…charming eh?! Needless to say, I’ve invited Jess to come again!

The sports movement pictures are almost ready for display, finishing touches applied today and research has also started on the history of transport.

Colour Mixing & Movement

Class 3 have been investigating colour mixing/shades as well as how to capture movement when drawing.

Art Project – finished!



The Wall hanging started last month has been constructed by Mrs Lakes and looks fabulous!  It has pride of place in the entrance hall, well done to everyone involved.

Art Project

There has been an exciting art project in school. Mrs Lakes worked with a group of children to make a wall hanging

Mrs Lakes will be constructing the wall hanging soon so please look out for it in school & on the blog.


Very Hungry Caterpillar

Last term Foundation made their own “very hungry caterpillar” using junk found at home. Look at their wonderful creations.