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The Bridge Aaron

I walked home passed the bridge and paused… I’d passed the bridged many a time (never gone on it) but something felt… different. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and a dark figure appeared on the bridge, he pulled out a gun and I turned around just in time to see my dad get shot in the arm (I’d never seen him in the flesh but there’s a lot of pictures of him in our house) the figure ran away so did my dad, and suddenly there was another flash of light and I was back in the present.  

“It must have been from when I was a baby” I thought. Yes I remember now he was taken to hospital and never came back! The nurse had said “he’d left an hour ago!” I ran to the bridge to see a plaque there, it read “here lie’s ben Halworth. Brother of mike, shooter of farther fell this very spot ——” the words after had worn of by age. Then tears started to stream down my cheeks my own brother was the reason I never saw my dad!  

I ran home and told my mum what had happened and also asked why. She eventually said “your brother was very ill and didn’t know what he was doing.” After that I had mixed emotions, I was sorry for my dad and brother but at the same time I was angry with them. I went to bed before my supper to try and calm myself down fortunately it worked very well.

I had a dream about the bridge my dad jumped out of the way and my brother dropped his gun then they walked of together I just stood here when all of a sudden my bother fell though the bridge. I woke up gasping for breath my mum ran in and asked what happened I said I had a bad dream and was ok so she went back to bed.

The next day at school my class had to write about our dads and what we think and look about them and all that. Dad. It sounds so strange now. I wonder if I’ll ever see my dad again.