Stars of the Week – 30th January 2015


James for trying hard in phonics and his big write.

Isabella for working hard in phonics.


Class 1

Emma for impressing her teacher during a time telling lesson this week.

Harvey R for improving his mental maths skills in maths magic.

Ruby & Korey for working wonderfully together when building the Tower of London.


Class 2

Denn – Fantastic mental maths skills this week.  Denn continues to move up the times tables ladder.

Ashlene – super fractions work in maths this week – Ashlene is working really well on finding fractions of amounts.

Hannah – Well done for your work in science this week.

Jon – Super approach to maths this week.  Jon grasped division using a numberline and set his work out well.


Class 3

Chloe O for her enthusiasm in learning across the curriculum.

Lily for her continued commitment to raising her standards in maths.

Ruby for fabulous effort in maths this week.  Ruby is becoming more confident when ordering fractions with different denominators.

Spencer for super effort in literacy this week converting direct to reported speech.

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