Stars of the week – 23rd January 2015


 Isaac for trying really hard in his reading and throwing and catching outside.

Joshua for super work in PE.


Class 1

Jack – for very impressive mental maths and a HUGE improvement in his written work.

Alex – for two really good pieces of writing about the Great Fire of London. Keep it up, Alex.

Korey – for trying really hard in handwriting and using his best handwriting in all of his work.

Emma – for a big improvement in her Big Write this week.


Class 2

Poppy – Super mental maths skills this week – generally trying really hard in maths.  Well done.

Olivia – Great problem solving in maths this week

Amy – Excellent Spelling and Grammar work this week – a wonderful attitude to learning.

Thomas S – For super improvement and growth in your confidence with maths.  Your work is of a high standard.


Class 3

Victoria for her fantastic attitude to learning! Victoria shows enthusiasm and commitment to learning- always wanting to know what she needs to do to improve.

Jessica for super work in maths this week, identifying and measuring angles in shapes.

Chloe F for excellent insight when using and applying maths.

Tyler for making a sustained effort with his handwriting and getting a pen license

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