Stars of the Week – 16th January 2015


Joshua– trying hard in phonics to recognise his letter sounds.

Matilda– always trying hard.


Class 1

Lucy – for some excellent writing about The Great Fire of London

Lacey – for reading with lots of expression during guided reading

Ellauise – for some beautiful writing about The Great Fire of London

Harvey R – for excellent progress with his times tables.


Class 2

Tommy L  – super subtraction work in maths this week.

Leo – super work in Big Maths this week – well done.

Gemma – Well done Gemma – you are working well in all areas of learning.

Daniel W – Well done for moving up the times table ladder – you are working well.


Class 3

Emily for achieving full marks in her maths test as well as making fabulous contributions in class.

Isabelle for super reading skills and comprehension work in guided reading in addition to a focused attitude in all of her work.

Joseph for a great week! Super progress in all areas – becoming more involved in group discussions.

Paige for fabulous progress in maths when multiplying decimals. Super attitude to learning1

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