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Stars of the Week – 24th October 2014


Isaacfor trying hard with his flag design and using a ruler.

Libby- for trying hard with her reading and phonics. Keep it up.

Class 1

Tia-Rae for a much improved attitude to learning and independent work.

Charlie for brilliant responses to the Paddington video during carpet time.

Max for excellent time-telling!

Summer for being so enthusiastic about her learning.

Class 2

Ashlene- for great work in poetry this week

Holly – for a good attitude to learning

Ruby- for great work in poetry this week

Thomas S- for trying hard in maths this week: times tables

Class 3

Rennah – for fabulous reading using lots of expression.

Jamie- focused on meeting the learning objective in RE showing good comprehension skills.

Bradley- for a huge improvement in his written and oral work in RE.

Tiffany- for a marked improvement in spelling of high frequency and key words in RE.

Stars of the Week – 17th October 2014


Henry- using the computer to research about lighthouses.

Tristanfor trying really hard to build his den.

Class 1

Jacob Be – excellent Big Write and effort in every lesson

Ellauise – for reading so well at home

Regan – for remembering the Golden Rules of subtraction

Lucy – for excellent contributions to drama activities

Class 2

Beck- an imaginative calligram about trees in literacy

Poppy- for trying hard with fractions this week in maths

Denn – for super improvement with swimming each week. Fantastic to see your increased confidence.

Gemma – for a fantastic effort in using Reading Eggspress in her own time.

Class 3

Isabelle – super code breaking skills this week when decoding a message in Anglo Saxon Runes.

Aimee – for fabulous instruction writing for our Anglo Saxon braiding.

Tiffany – for great work in literacy – commenting on the author’s use of language in the text Jungle Book.

Bradley – for super work in guided reading this week showing great understanding of the narrator’s viewpoint.

Stars of the Week – 10th October 2014


Scarlett for being creative with the playdough.

Joshua for becoming more confident.

Class 1

Jack for much improved effort and behaviour in school.

Olena for sharing her mnemonic and helping her entire phonics group to change words in to the past tense –thank you!

Summer for being really enthusiastic in all of her lessons.

Emma for super concentration when sculpting a clay Paddington Bear.

Class 2

Daniel (W) for great halving work in maths this week.

Jon for thoughtful responses during questioning in R.E.

Thomas (L) for super enthusiasm in all aspects of learning.

Thomas (R) for super poetry work; specifically the use of metaphors.

Class 3

Tyler  for his wonderful enthusiasm in reading, writing and maths.

David  for super effort in maths and completing all tasks on time.

James for fabulous progress every week with learn-its homework. Well done!

Libby  for a super piece of descriptive writing titled the ‘Lighthouse’.

Stars of the Week – 3rd October 2014


Grace- fantastic efforts in phonics.

April –for trying hard with her reading in school.


Class 1

Ashton for excellent effort in lessons and being a really kind and helpful friend to other class members

Lacey for thinking about school work at home and writing an excellent Big Write recount of a teddy bear’s picnic.

Keira for absolutely fabulous work on fractions.

Charlie for fantastic effort all week and much improved writing.


Class 2

Olivia- for a great information page in literacy on how Britain has changed over the years

Daniel (K)- for a huge improvement in his handwriting. Keep up the super work Daniel for a pen license.

Amy (R) – for a super Big Write piece of work.  You met all of the key objectives – well done.

Millie (W)– for a huge improvement in your approach to learning. You are trying hard in all areas of learning.


Class 3

Emily- for a fantastic effort in using Reading Eggspress in her own time. Reading a total of 107 books and answering 1456 questions.

Jamie – for being helpful within lessons and completing work within the set time.

Victoria – for a super piece of writing titled ‘Adrift’ – fabulous descriptive vocabulary.

Spencer- for supporting other children’s learning in Science –  a great team player.