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Second place in Three Game Thing

As we mentioned in our earlier blog two teams from Wawne Primary School took part in Hull University’s Three Game Thing competition earlier this week. We found out today that one of our teams, #Ultimate, came second in the competion. Well done Kieran, Joel and Kieran – excellent work boys!

We’ve put together two YouTube videos of the games which can be accessed below:

Voldermort Chase

jelly invasion

Mr Sainter & Mrs Lakes visit to Nashville Tennessee – Update from the travellers!





photo  Meeting the pilot.

photo2 Flight from Atlanta to Nashville.

photo3 Our accommodation.

photo4 The UK team.


photo5 The Rymen Auditorium.

photo6 140 teachers from the USA and Canada.  Some great ideas from educators in American schools.

Three Thing Game @ Hull University


IMG_20140715_115808643IMG_20140715_120649291Today six children from class 3 took part in a programming challenge at Hull University. The competition was called the Three Game Thing and the children had to make a computer game from three things that they were given. One of the teams from Wawne (#Ultimate) created an invasion game using Grandad and Voldemort and the IMG_20140715_114831247other team (Programming Pythons) created an invasion game with Jellies and Dobby!

The children wrote the code in a programming language called Python, using a framework called the Pygame framework. The Wawne children were the youngest there and competed against children from secondary schools from Hull and East Riding.IMG_20140715_145520763_HDR

There were programmers from the University on hand to help the children and judges included representatives from, Gateway Interactive and lecturers from the University.

During the course of the day, the children also got to look around the UIMG_20140715_140520089niversity, taking in some of the work that takes place in the Department of Computer Science. This included a tour of the Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE) where they got to see some of the products that the University had developed such as a 3D training system that was in use in UK hospitals where doctors are trained how to use radiation with cancer sufferers and a head track stereo which allows 3D positioning in films (similar to those used in the making of Lord of the Rings.

We also got to try out the Occulus Rift 3D virtual reality headsets which the university are using to develop simulations for offshore wind farms as well as the new Google Glassses which allow you to see information from the Internet directly in front of your eyes. The children also looked at 3D modelling and 3D printing during the course of the day.

At the end of a brilliant but exhausting day, the children were filmed by a technology camera crew that had been commissioned for SKY TV and the judges came around to judge our work. The children were impeccably behaved and a credit to the school. Fingers crossed for the results – will either Grandad vs Voldemore or Jellies and Dobby be the winner?


Stars of the Week – 11th July 2014


Regan for improved behaviour and having a much better week

Lucy for trying really hard with everything in class

Class 1

Wilson and Poppy (NK) for trying hard to draw a self-portrait.

Olivia and Gemma for excellent golf skills in PE.

Class 2

Ruby for skilfully completing a mathematical interactive challenge first.

Thomas (S) for skilfully completing a mathematical interactive challenge and coming second.

Lily for super problem solving skills and fantastic effort during maths lessons.

Jamie for amazing confidence during his French presentation.

Class 3

Alice for a super Russia 2018 World Cup logo and description of her design inspiration.

Penny for including interesting facts in her non chronological report on Brazil.

Joseph for including interesting facts in his non chronological report on Brazil.

James (W) for a super thank you letter following the visit to the KC Stadium.

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 – RNLI Bridlington visit & ‘Hit the Surf!”

This week the children visited RNLI Bridlington.  Chris and Alan gave the children, and staff!, a fantastic insight into the fabulous work the RNLI volunteers do.

photo 2 - Copy (3)  photo 4 - Copy (2) photo 5 - Copyphoto 2 - Copy (3)


photo 1 - Copy photo 1 photo 2 - Copy photo 2 photo 3

Tuesday 1st July 2014 – Mission impossible….or not?

The new children of Class 3 were set a challenge this week.  There mission was to build a tower that would hold a cup of water with the highest tower winning.

They were only able to use the following materials:

20 paper straws

5 lolly pop sticks

2 pieces of A3 paper

4m of string

masking tape.

The winners were Harry and Chloe F followed closely by James and Isobel

photo 1 - Copy (2) photo 2 - Copy (2)


Stars of the Week – 4th July 2014


Lacey for being a good role model for behaviour.

Max for always trying hard with writing.


Class 1

Leo for working hard in Topic this week.

Isabelle for working hard in Topic this week.

Millie (We) for learning her spellings and trying hard in phonics.

Alex for trying hard with his number work.


Class 2

Alfie for great effort in ‘Big Write’ this week.

Ruby for super problem solving in maths.

Joshua for a super improved ‘Big Write’ this week.

Aimee for a fantastic ‘Big Write’ and continuou hard work.


Class 3

Libby for excellent presentation of Serif Movie Maker to Class 3.

Joseph for super ICT programming with Mr Hall.

Harvey for enthusiastically throwing himself into all the activities at ‘Hit the Surf!’

Penny for fabulous lifesaving and body boarding whilst giggling at ‘Hit the Surf!!