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Mr Little’s retirement 23rd May 2014

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On Friday we said goodbye and good luck to Mr Little, our caretaker.  We wish him all the best and hope he enjoys his retirement.


Stars of the Week – 23rd May 2014


Summer for being very helpful in the classroom.

Max for moving up a level on his reading books.

Class 1

Holly for good comprehension and science work.

Leo for good work in science.

Alex for trying really hard in maths.

Jack for trying really hard in all lessons.

Class 2

Joshua for good symmetry work in maths.

Rennah for super work on Henry V111 wives this week.

Alfie for great watercolour work in topic.

Hannah for super determination in maths – well done.

Class 3

Charlie Jack for working hard to develop characters in literacy and super role play.

Jessica for working hard to develop characters in literacy and super role play.

Victoria for designing a super website for the Greek God Hades in topic.

Kieran for his fabulous writing based upon the story ‘Life of Pi’.

Stars of the Week – 16th May 2014


Max for trying hard with his Maths work when subtracting using a number line.

Emma for ordering the alphabet correctly and helping other children.


Class 1

Cole for trying hard with his writng.

Thomas for super postcard writing.

Tia for a better attitude to learning.

Ellauise for trying hard in maths with her addition.


Class 2

Daniel for reading at home on a regular basis

Amy for reading at home on a regular basis

Jon for great work on apostrophes in phonics.

Tyler for super mental maths skills this week.


Class 3

Bradley for fabulous fraction work in maths.

Alice for her amazing ‘Blizzard in Oz’ story.

Joel for a good explanation of the differences between bacteria and viruses in Science.

Paige for fabulous fraction work in maths.

Stars of the Week – 5th May – 9th May 2014


Korey & Regan for excellent results in their spelling tests and for practising them at home (10/10 and 9/10).

Class 1

Harvey – forv trying hard in maths with addition and subtraction.

Ruby – for working hard on her sentence work.

Millie W – good attitude to learning and trying hard in her SATs.

Daniel – trying hard in his SATs.

Class 2

Thomas – settling in so well into class 2.

Lauren – trying hard in all areas of learning

Chloe – super vocabulary in our literacy Tudor poem work.

Chloe F – attitude to learning – always produces quality work.

Class 3

Joseph –fabulous and thoughtful explanation of his hero in RE.

Mia – working hard solving word problems in numeracy.

Broady – fabulous ‘can do’ attitude in maths. Always eager to better himself.

Emma – super use of descriptive language to bring her ‘Big Write’ story to life.

Stars of the week – 29th April – 2nd May 2014


Emma – writing.
Ashton – for letting Freya settle in.

Class 1

Ruby & Poppy M for trying hard with their writing.

Isaac – trying hard, settled in well.

Harry – good behaviour.

Class 2

Freya – division work this week. Super setting out and method.
Jon – amazing maths work this week – solving 2 step maths problems.

Maddison & Isabelle for super ideas in science this week.

Class 3

Penny – for a fabulous Ancient Greece holiday brochure.

James M – fantastic tactical play in rounders in the position of backstop.

Libby – good work in numeracy – reading tables.

Bradley – good work in numeracy – calculating proportions.