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Stars of the Week – 24 – 28th March 2014


Summer for fabulous work in maths (doubling)
Jaden for writing a fantastic acrostic poem totally independently

Class 1

Ellauise for having a super time on the school trip asking lots of questions.
Jack for a good attitude to learning this week trying hard in lessons.
Thomas for excellent work on the school trip and asking lots of questions about animals.
Ashlene for trying really hard in maths.

Class 2

Lily – working really hard on practising her times tables and moving up the ladder.
David – for perseverance in literacy to produce a good piece of work.
Lauren  – for superb improvement in all areas of maths.
Hannah – for superb improvement in all areas of maths.

Class 3

Harvey – Mrs Thresh is blown away by the improvement in his Maths, the hard work is paying off. Well done!

James W has massively improved his mental maths score! Excellent work!

Katie – fabulous work in maths resulting in a greater understanding of ratio.

Tiffany – super work in maths subtracting mixed number fractions.

Stars of the Week – 17th to 21st March 2014


Javyn baker for super maths skills when solving money problems
Alisha Robinson for fantastic story writing

Class 1

Kiera trying hard in mental maths.

Charlie for doing well with his work on time.

denn has been more independent getting ready, learning to tie his shoe laces.

Isabelle for trying hard in maths and working more independently.

Class 2

Jon – for super comprehension work this week.
Phoebe – for dramatic improvement in maths.
Freya – for consistently working hard in all areas of learning – specifically in maths.
Maddison – super understanding of rationing this week in our topic session.

Class 3

Libby – great progress with mental recall of multiplication facts

Emma – super effort and progress in all aspects of maths

Broady has worked really hard in Numeracy this week, completing his work accurately & showing his working out.

Harry tried hard in his Big Write to produce more writing.

Stars of the Week – 10th to 14th March 2014


Max Rossi for trying very hard with his writing and maths and also for coming into school without getting upset.
Korey Adam for trying hard in maths with subtraction

Class 1

Wilson for good tennis skills.

Poppy NK for excellent speaking and listening skills

Alex has worked very hard with his speech this week as well as his reading.

Olean is a super reader and has moved up a level.


Class 2

David (Y4)- Great mental maths skills and working hard on his times tables

Maddison (Y4)- huge enthusiasm about our WW2 topic

Freya (Y3)- For a continuous great attitude to all aspects of school

Ruby (Y3)- huge improvement in using the grid method for multiplication, she has been trying so hard


Class 3

Tom for excellent work in Literacy, using commas for clauses.

Charlie-Jack for working trying to improve his multiplication skills in Numeracy.

Ruby always works hard, makes logical suggestion in Science and can be relied on to do as she is asked.

Spencer for good discussion work in Literacy & Guided Reading.

Special shout out for George, Harvey, Emma, Paige, Jessica, Joshua, Libby, Tiffany and Rosa for their ICT support this week in Class 1 and 2.

Design a Postcard – iPad art

Class 3 have been using the Brushes app on the iPads to create a postcard image, we have entered them into a regional competition. If we win one of these designs will be printed and sold in tourist Infirmation Centres this summer!

More river work!

Class 3 have been working hard on their topic of Rivers. The initial research they did on a particular river is being used to populate a Prezi (to be shared when finished). Other groups are deciding what image to use on the Batik designs. 

Stars of the Week – 3rd to 7th March 2014


Summer is a super dancer.

Jaden was trying hard in Write Time.

Class 1

Alex & Jack for their work in Maths & Literacy.

Olivia for trying hard in her sentence work.

Holly is a super reader.


Class 2

Aimee  – for continuous effort in all areas of learning.

Chloe O (Y4) – Great film review of the piano – you identified all the features necessary for a superb review..

Thomas (Y3) – superb week in maths – working independently and with increasing accuracy.

Alfie Smith (Y3) – for continuous effort in all areas of learning


Class 3

Joshua – in Literacy Joshua has worked hard on understanding the use of apostrophes to show possession.

Kieran Howe worked well in Topic researching definitions of river features and also in Numeracy. In addition he was very polite to school visitors this week.

James W has been helpful when we worked with iPads, setting up a Golden Time group for Mrs Clare.

Victoria produced a wonderful image of the Deep using ‘Brushes’ on the iPad.

Stack ’em high!

In Golden Time some children stacked as high as they could reach!

River Research

As part of our research on Rivers we have been looking at maps and researching the features of rivers.


Class 2 topic last term was Mountains, here is some of their work.

DSCF8288 DSCF8289 DSCF8290 DSCF8291 DSCF8292 DSCF8293 DSCF8294

Salvation Army

Major Stuart Baker – Church Minister at the Beverley Road Salvation Army Community Church talked about the history & founders William & Catherine Booth. e explained the work in this country and overseas.

Flag – Blue – God the Creator. Red – Blood of Jesus. Yellow – Fire/power of Holy Spirit

The material was a present from a South African lady and is worn as a skirt.

DSCF8301 DSCF8302 DSCF8304 DSCF8305 DSCF8307