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Stars of the Week – 24th to 28th February 2014

Stars of the Week – 24th to 28th February 2014

 Class 1
Ruby for trying hard in topic work
Jack for trying hard in maths with money.
Daniel White for trying hard in maths on his challenges!
Cole for trying hard with his writing describing the farmer

Class 2

Hannah – For trying so hard with her times tables and for making continuous improvement on them.
Logan – For trying so hard with his times tables and for making continuous improvement on them.
Isabelle – an improved positive attitude to learning. Isabelle is trying hard in all lessons.
Emily – for her work so far in literacy this week, whilst we are doing our work on ‘The Piano’

Class 3

Alice for commitment and organisation of the International news board

Penny for working sensibly and productively to gather information during Topic lessons & creating a bar chart of data.

Paige & Joseph for sensibly and productively working hard in Topic lessons.

Stars of the Week – 10th to 14th February 2014


Aden & Regan for trying hard in Big Write and producing super writing.

Class 1

Poppy trying hard in Literacy.

Harvey R for super writing in Literacy and remember tricky words.

Thomas for trying hard in all subjects.

Millie Wilson for a good attitude and trying hard all week, keep it up!

Class 2

Chloe F for a super story opener in Literacy this week.

Daniel for showing kindness and a caring attitude to his class friends.

Amy R for her character descriptions in Literacy this week.

Ruby for her positive approach to all aspects of learning.

Class 3

Katie for fabulous progression with table facts

Libby for a continuous effort with Learn It’s (quick recall skills)

Larissa for a great non chronological report.

Mia for her effort in the class debate.

Stars of the Week – 3rd to 7th February 2014


Lucy for trying really hard with her big write and beginning to form letters correctly
Lola for using some very good mathematical vocabulary when describing 3d shapes i.e. “this is a cone because it has a circle face and a point at the top”

Class One
Millie for trying hard in topic work.
Isabelle trying hard in phonics.
Daniel trying hard in phonics and literacy.
Holly fantastic improvement in reading at home. Keep it up

 Class Two

Alisha for improved attitude to all aspects of her work.
David for his imagination in his Big Write story.
Lauren for her work in Maths and Phonics this week. She is putting in so much effort.
Beck for his continuous hard work in Maths

Class Three

Tom for working hard and showing commitment to tasks in Maths

Joel for taking on board comments about his guided reading and re-attempting tricky questions.

Jessica & Bradley worked hard with Miss Johnson in Topic work on Victorian children, keep it up