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Stars of the Week – 27th to 31st January 2014


Jaden for excellent reading and completing his reading journal at home after reading his book.

Lacey for excellent maths work, using the counting on method for addition.

Class 1

Denn fo being independent and producing good work in PE.

Isabelle for reading 6 times at home

Jack for much improved handwriting.

Kiera for great behaviour this week – well done.

Class 2

Aimee  (Year 4) – For producing a super piece of Big Writing following our work on information texts.
Rennah  (Year 4) – Her approach to learning is super.  She approaches all areas of learning with maturity and independence.
Elie (Year 3) – Trying hard in all areas of learning.  She listens well and if she doesn’t understand she tries to work something out first before asking (uses the 5B’s).
Thomas (Year 3) – Working very well in PE (dance).  Performed well with his movements and also helping others.

Class 3

George & Tom have worked extra hard on a piece of writing this week with Mrs Thresh, she is very pleased with their excellent vocabulary.

Tiffany has worked very hard in every lesson this week, but particularly with Miss Johnson in Literacy.

Rosa has been an ICT star this week helping Mrs Holgate produce a video.

Special acknowledgement goes to:

Libby & Harvey (for editing green screen movies) and to Larissa & Katy (for filming the original movies)….and to all the children who have recorded audio for Mrs Holgate!

The Street – by Spencer

Spencer wrote this poem at home without being asked – Mrs Thresh thought it was amazing and worth sharing.

The Street

The silence of the city street,

Only the tapping of my feet,

When a whisper arose,

Were they friends or foes,


I thought should I turn back,

Or would that show my braveness lacks,

A figure stepped forward maybe two,

Thinking with great depth what should I do,


Do I have time to run back,

Or would they then go on the attack,

I couldn’t make out their faces,

But they are in the right sort of places,


The stamping of their feet,

Was like a musical beat,

They then multiplied,

It was then that I sighed,

Stars of the Week – 20th to 24th January 2014


Lacey for very good work in maths and always setting a good example.
Ashton for an excellent attitude to learning and always trying his best.

Class 1
Alex trying hard in lessons and listening to instructions.
Jacob Bell super speaking and listening in science and literacy.
Holly working hard in topic with her snow picture.
Thomas working well in maths

Class 2

Chloe O –  great teamwork in PE
Chloe F – consistently working hard in all areas of learning – a sensible and mature member of the class.
Phoebe –  trying hard in maths and settling in so well.
Jon – super work in literacy this week.

Class 3

James M for excellent application to drama activities in Literacy

Harvey has been a “Mathmagician” this week! He got stuck into harder questions and persevered. Great to see, well done.

Ruby – getting on with her work quickly, with fussing and applying herself well to all lessons.

Harry – given by Mr Sainter for his excellent attitude in Maths this week.

Extra Star from Mrs Howe – Paige for her Word Wasp work – attempted and correctly spelt tricky words remembering important rules.

Queen Victoria

Year 5 & 6 have been researching the life of Queen Victoria and writing a CV for her. They had to draw a picture of her too…

Weather Art

Class One have been creating art work based on their topic of weather.

Stars of the Week – 13th to 17th January 2014

Korey for trying really hard in maths
Emma for a good all round attitude to school and learning. Always giving her best.
Class 1
Jack for trying hard with his reading and phonics
Olena trying hard in PE .
Gemma and Matilda for super literacy work and handwriting.
Class 2
Beck – for good phonics work –  identifying nouns, adverbs, adjectives etc.
Jamie – for trying hard in all areas of learning.
Lily – worked paricularly well during our maths lesson on capacity. In maths lessons, she is moving onto the challenging tasks.
Tyler – worked paricularly well during our maths lesson on capacity. In maths lessons, he is moving onto the challenging tasks
Class 3
Mia for great work drawing 3D shapes from 2D representations.
Katie for super work expressing numbers as a fraction of  larger numbers and simplyfing them to its lowest form.
Spencer for making an effort to learn his table facts & recall them at speed.
Joshua for writing a great report on the Winter Olympics in Literacy.

Stars of the Week – 7th to 10th Jan 2014


Lola-Rose for returning to school with a very good attitude and practising her spelling and reading.

Ashton for practising his handwriting which is becoming very neat.

Class 1
Alex for a good start to the year trying hard.
Jacob bell trying hard in topic about floods.
Leo very good topic work
Poppy n k trying hard to get involved in the lesson good speaking and listening skills

Class 2

William- super mental maths this week.
Ellie – super mental maths and increased confidence.
Freya – great work in maths this week.
Maddison – excellent literacy work this week

Class 3

Emma (full marks) & Broady for practising and achieving a high score in his spellings. Emma also completed her Literacy homework very well.

Paige for super work converting denominators in order to add fractions.

Spencer persevered with his fraction work in Maths even though he found it a challenge!

Blue Tit reports

Mrs Thresh’s literacy group are writing non chronological reports.  We have started with blue tits & for homework the children were asked to do some research.  Emma took this a step further and created this amazing drawing.

School of the Week – Viking FM

We have had a fantastic morning with Rosie from Viking FM. Alice nominated us for ‘School of the week’ and Rosie came down to record the sound bites with the children. Representatives were selected from each class and the younger children took part in a new ‘Guess the Celebrity’ game – but we don’t want to give too much away until next week!

Hopefully we should be on from 7am in Monday 13th January.