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Alternative 12 days of Christmas – Maths style!

12 common factors
11 scales weighing
10 dice a rolling

9 fractions sharing
8 minds blowing
7 rulers snapping
6 squared numbers
5 protractors
4 decimals
3 pie charts
2 subtractions
and a calculator for cheating

Alternative 12 days of Christmas – Literacy style!

12 rhymers rhyming
11 adverbs informing
10 spelling tests
9 commas clausing
8 questions asking
7 speech marks speaking
6 prepositions
5 metaphors
4 connectives
3 adverbs
2 similes
and an ‘ing’ word from the ISPACE

Photo Booth – Part 2!


School History – Mr Jones

We recently received this letter from an ex pupil, it sheds a fascinating insight into the history of the school and how Mr Jones    made a lasting impact on this pupil…


Dear Mr Sainter,
I was a pupil at Wawne County primary during the mid-late1950’s. Educated initially by the very formidable Mrs Downing – before the reformative Mr Howell Clayton Jones arrived into our midst.

I left the village for college in York in my late teens – and then moved away enjoying a wonderfully rich & largely successful career. In doing so I left behind many happy childhood memories – almost all of them remarkable – especially so by today’s standards!

I moved to the delightful village of Terling in rural Essex almost twenty years ago. Having a science degree, you will almost certainly know the noble gas Argon was discovered here by 3rd Baron Lord Rayleigh – not to mention “Rayleigh Scatter”!, However….!

By dint of remarkable coincidence, I very soon discovered that a near neighbour was to be my ex Head from my alma mater Wawne. Mr Howell C Jones. I first re-acquainted with him in a local Pub within days of moving here after a gap of almost 40 years. Even so after a few minutes I managed to place him in the chronological kaleiescope of my life. What a moment!. He exclaimed when I told him who I was “Good God boy, I was only talking about you the other day”

In his retirement he become a self taught and proficiently modest artist, In fact encouraged him to paint the Wawne Ferry – from an old family photograph. My aunt Liza actually operated it for some years from their farm on the Thearne bank – which seems and is eons ago

Unfortunately, Howell moved away three or four years ago to the Bedfordshire village of Blunham. Sadly earlier this year (5 July) Howell (still a Mr Jones to me) passed away. Fortunately I learnt of his death & was able to attend his funeral as Wawne School’s sole & honary representative!!

You may or may not be aware of Howell’s passing, but I feel it should be noted. He was a unique teacher- an inspirational man. Not a perfect human being by any means, but few of us are. He was also as you may know, mentioned in complimentary terms in the Plowden Report.

Few nine year olds can claim to have excavated a 16C village buried in a field that’s now occupied by a public house – but there are several, I am sure, still living in and around the village that can!
Perhaps, if you feel it’s appropriate, you could during a forthcoming school assembly, you could commemorate Howell – and thank him for his contribution as a teacher & educator.

Best wishes
Paul Harrison (christened & known in Wawne as Nigel)

A visit to our Christmas photo booth!

A fun & festive photo booth has been set up in school, hope our pictures make you smile! Merry Christmas!

If you would like a copy of any individual photographs of your children, please contact Mrs Thresh in school.




A few more Christmas pics!

Stars of the Week – 9th – 13th December


Aden for trying hard to make things in the creative corner

Korey for improved handwriting

Class 1

Jacob Bunting & Harvey Robinson for trying really hard in the play.

Holly for stepping in at the last minute !

Matilda  for learning all her lines in the play.

Class 2

Lily, Rennah, Ruby and Hannah for a fantastic all round approach to learning.

Class 3

Kieran Howe for including all ISPACE in his independent writing.

Bradley, Libby and Emma for their performances in Alice in Wonderland, Libby & Emma were also understudies and learnt extra roles ‘just in case’.

Bear and Hare – Creative Writing – Crossing the log bridge


Paige – As the hares ears went down, his tears floated down this thin fur. Hopping along the icy floor the hare kicked the thick snow that  slowly hit the towering trees. Underneath the glistening moon the hare hopped along the reflecting ice. As quietly as he could be the hare danced around the bears cave before gently putting his present down using fairy steps.


Victoria – Trudging across a dark tunnel, with an evening sky, as a hazy sky came up. Slowly a bear and his reflection in the icy waterway below wandered along. As he looked around there was not a lot of white freezing crunchy frost on the
tall as mansions the trees were towering above him.

Harry – Hurrying along to find the bear, passing over icy water by a slippery log. Kicking ice balls while  sprinting sadly over the slippery log the hare ran off to land!

Joshua – Plodding over the winter kissed log the bear was coved in white snow he looked like he was covered in candy floss. The sky was as droopy as the bear’s body language. Sleeping in the big dark cave the bear was so warm like he was sat next to a fire.


Bear and Hare – Creative Writing

The hare shows the bear the tree being prepared for Christmas. The hare’s mood is very different to the bears.

Learning Objective:                

TBAT describe how we know this?

Success Criteria:

I can show how the hare is excited about Christmas referring to its movements and body language (without saying excited/happy).

Faintly a noise drifted on the icy wind alerting the hare, his ears vigilant and alive.

George – The hare didn’t take any notice his ears sprung he hoped all over the snow and tried to show the bear that this time of the year is wonderful. He bounced he sniffed but didn’t smell winter he smelled something inspirational he sensed people being happy all over and made him cosy near the tree but something wasn’t okay.

Victoria – Then the young hare danced in such a jolly way, he ran he jumped, he was so thrilled. When he reached the large green tree at the end of the hill he stood up on his hind legs, and all he did was think about Christmas day memories and feeling the time come so much closer!

James M – Dancing over the hill the hare left the bear on his own, soon he reached the top of the hill. Standing tall at the top of the hill admiring the tall green Christmas tree the hare soon dashed down to meet all of the other animals A lot of memory’s where flooding back in to his brain.

Paige – With his ears sprung in the air the hare danced around in the snow. Like a spring he hopped around the bear with his nose stuck up in the air. Gazzing up to the tree the hare…

Anne Frank

Use this link to visit the interactive site and wander around the annex.