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Stars of the Week – 25th October 2013


Jaden for remembering how to use the search bar on the computer to find a program. He was looking for ‘Big Cat Phonics’.

Summer-Brook for using Numicon to help her to count accurately and write her numbers in order from 1-10

Class 1

Harvey M & Ruby for trying hard in the Big Write!

Isabelle for super maths work on a numberline.

Harry for fabulous art work in Topic.

Class 2

Chloe F always trying hard in all subjects.
Maddison for working hard in morning work this week.
Ruby great description in morning work.
Jon for constant effort in maths this week.

Class 3

Rosa & Paige for their excellent poems in Literacy

Joshua for applying the steps to calculate findng fractions of measures.

Broady for great work as ‘comma splice police’ finding and correcting the use of commas in a text.

Wanted… words – dead or alive! By Katie

An idea came into my head

It went so quickly like a popping balloon.

It was as quiet as a mouse.

Shaky as a washing machine.

I am sure it was as scared as meercat.

It was playing hide and seek.

It was in a good hiding place.

Too lazy to come out.

Reaching towards it.

Putting it on charge.

Wanted to be as lonely

As a dead body.

Rudely and angrily

Falling asleep once again

On charge.

My Ideas! by Josh

Angrily, charging

That crunching tackle was my idea.

A puff of smoke he had gone

So fast

So strong

So loud

He had smashed through the defence

And scored a try.

He marched back to the half way line.

Clumsy clown words! A poem by James

An idea shuffled in to my head.

Jumping and diving.

A funny fella he was.

Giggling and yelling.

Hopping about.

Like a puff of smoke it flew away.

Clawing the air for the word like a rag doll.

Eventually it landed on the tip of my tongue.

Then off it went again.

Why George can’t write a poem! By George

Today I will make a poem I will become famous.

Ok let’s start with a.

Well that seems a bit miserable.

Oi, you’re not the one wearing a suit all day and night at a silly call centre it retorted.

I’m going it said but I stopped it why are you a word that works at a call centre.

The thesaurus bullied me in school me for being so short.

Ok,  oooohhhh, is that your phone I asked.

One sec it said I have to take this it walked on the road but got knocked over by a pink bus.

(yes I have a weird imagination) well I don’t think poems are for me.

Finally an idea came to my head! A poem by Emma

Finally an idea came to my head!

An idea came

Into my head



Did it get in there?

What was it?


Marching through my mind

Giggling the idea was

Yelling ‘can’t catch me’

It jumped over barrels

Jumped over hedges or fences,

It walked all the way to my hands

Then to my toes,

It passed my shoulders

As quickly as a motorbike!

Ideas! A poem by Rosa


Ideas are confusing.

I had one a second ago.

It came then it went,

Just as I was about to say it,

Like a magician rabbit going back into the hat!


I’ll have another soon,

Loudly falling into my head,

Acting like a clown!

Stupidly fumbling around my head,

Dumbly running about.

It sobbed as I chased it,

It yelled as it ran.

I felt like I was running over a tight rope.

I grabbed it but it slipped.

It fell down my arm then,

Flew out.

Rush – it flew into someone else’s mind!


Zoetrope – Part 3 – The last leg!

Retrieving Information from Books

Foundation have been retrieving information from books and computers about the weather.