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Wizard of Oz

We have been fortunate today to have a surprise visit from M&M Productions ( with their cast of The Wizard of Oz! They have set up an amazing looking set with lights and staging.

Stars of the Week 27th September

Javyn – effort in Maths (using Numicon)
Summer – super reading and trying hard in phonics
Year 1
Gemma – always trying hard and setting a good example to the rest of the class.
Denn- settling in to a new school and trying hard.
Year 2
Ellauise- trying hard in literacy with her Big write.
Jacob Bell- super maths work
Year 3
Amy –  continuous contribution to the class in all areas of learning
Ellie – a super bar chart in maths – well done.
Year 4
David – a super contribution in this week’s science.
Alishaimprovement of work in Big Writing
Year 5
Tiffany – great work changing mixed fractions to improper fractions.
Joseph – excellent writing, neat too!
(Photo to follow)
Year 6
Joel – great work in Maths all week, gets his head down & ploughs through the work – he even notices if something isn’t quite right!
Tom  – From Mrs Khan in RE for answering questions with good explanations & reasons.

Year 5 Science Healthy Eating

Year 5 have been learning about why it is important to stay healthy by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. For their homework, each child was asked to design a poster for their peers explain these facts. Mia’s poster was one of the best and also hand drawn, very neatly!

I was impressed with the fact that she included hygiene facts too.

Foundation learn about Autumn

Year 6 transition to Year 7 in September 2013

We have started to receive fliers, advertising upcoming ‘Open Evenings’ at local secondary schools. I have copied the links to the school websites if you ish to look for further information:

Beverley Grammar  Tuesday 8th October 2013

Beverley High Thursday 10th October 2013

Longcroft-  Wednesday 9th October 2013

Malet Lambert – Thursday 3rd October 2013

St Mary’s College – Thursday 26th September 2013

Winifred Holtby –   Wednesday 25th September  2013

Should you have another school in mind for your child, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Thresh if you would like to access the internet in school, for information etc.

Stars of the Week 20th September 2013

Lola-Rose for excellent behaviour and good listening.
Justinas for trying hard when writing his name.
Year 1
 Jacob Bell – super maths work.
Kiera – fantastic adding to 10.
Year 2
Thomas – super number bond work in maths.
Matilda – good topic work researching about transport in Coll.
Year 3
Hannah-for always coming into class in a morning ready to get on with her morning work.
Logan – for consistently working hard in all areas of learning
Year 4
Jamie – Beverley swimming are very impressed with how well he has listened with his stroke development.
Isabelle – for her performance in PE this week.
Year 5
Mia for trying hard in Maths and  for beautiful presentation of her work al the time.
Spencer – using a thesaurus to select better word choices in Literacy.
Year 6
Katie – for trying hard to use speech marks correctly in Literacy – there are so many rules!
Alice – always gives 100%, even with a bad cold, and remembers to ask for support when she needs it.

Katy Morag

Class One are getting on with their new topic of Katy Morag, today they were looking at different forms of transport on the island.

Movement art

University student, Jess, came into class and spoke to the class about her work and how she has been taught to draw. The children were really impressed with her work and keen to hear about the coursework and expectations of university. Jess worked with the class in the movement art too, they said after that it was nice to have a teacher who can actually draw…charming eh?! Needless to say, I’ve invited Jess to come again!

The sports movement pictures are almost ready for display, finishing touches applied today and research has also started on the history of transport.

Did you visit East Park between 1st July to 2nd August 2013?

We have recieved this email, please respond if you feel it applies to you.

I am Dr Rossid, one of the doctors working for the Public Helath England in Yorkshire and the Humber.

I have spoken to  one of your admin officers about a press release by the Hull City Council regarding an outbreak of Cryptosporidum earlier in the summer among visitors to the city’s East Park. To help us with the investigation, the council is appealing for the people who visited the park between 1st July to 2nd August 2013 with children under aged 12 to complete a short online questionnaire – regardless of them being ill or not.

September 2013 Newsletter

We hope you have found the latest newsletter in your child’s book bag…if not you can download it here!