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Stars of the Week – 24th May 2013


Ruby for fantastic handwriting when writing a thank you letter to the Police.

Ellauise for getting all of her spellings correct and for lovely neat handwriting.

Class One

Leo – good direction work

Matilda – Good work in number compliments

Halle – super fraction work

Daniel – good work in Topic

Jack – trying super hard when painting in topic

Holly – super phonics work

Class 2

Chloe O – great literacy work with Mrs Holgate in 1to 1 sessions.

Rennah – always gives 100% effort in class, great approach to learning.

Victoria –  super artwork in our rainforest topic

Joseph – always works well in Phonics, produces a high level of work.


Year 5

Kieran Horsburgh – This week Kieran’s maths has been impressive, he has been multiplying large numbers mentally as well as using the grid method.

Penny – In Topic she wrote a descriptive poem about the coast line and beaches.

Year 6

Ashleigh – In Topic she wrote a descriptive poem about the coast line and beaches.

Stefan – In Numeracy he been working hard to develop logical strategies to help home win number games.

Sprinkle, squish between my toes – By Broady

                      Running across the beach with the sand underneath my feet. And the shredded stones gleaming at the sun and even though the stones are buried underneath the sand it will never blind me from the truth that lay’s on the sand.

Even though the rocky beach hurts your feet you will never be hated by the buty of the beach.


 Sprinkle, squish between my toes,

The smell of ocean to my nose.

I can feel each grain of sand,

It falls from air into my hand.

The shells I find along the shore,

Picked up by birds that fly and soar.

They sparkle like the ocean’s waves,

And carry sand from all the lakes.

I walk along the tip of the sea,

That’s where my feet leave prints to be.

I walk all the way to the end of the land,

The land that holds this beautiful sand.


 Running down a sandy beach

Holding your warm soft hand

Staring into your beautiful brown eyes

Watching the wind go through your dark curly hair

Staring at how perfect your smile is and how beautiful you are

I can feel the water hitting off my feet

And sand squishing through my toes

The sun beating down our backs

I can see our umbrella and blanket

Where we will lay staring at each other

While the sun goes down

To our amazing night that waits

For us to express our love


Shores – By Aaron


Are you sure you’re sure that all shores are the same,

are you sure you’re sure all shores are the same,

The first shore I am sure is a shore is the sandy beach shore,

the first shore I am sure is a shore is the sandy beach shore.

The second I am sure is a shore is the pebbly shore like an airport

full of people waiting for the waves to take them away.

 The last shore I’m sure is a shore is the rocky shore, I’m sure it’s a shore, I’m sure!

Beaches – By Ashleigh


The sand sits silently on the beach,

As pale as a bone it sparkles in the sun.

A single touch burns your feet,

Then settles down from all the fun

The waves crash against the rocks,

Like the way a lion pounces on its pray.

The magnificent blue of the sea begins to calm

Getting ready to play the next day

The sharp rocks stick in your feet,

Going through the flesh until it runs red.

They look like potatoes,

And they make a horrible bed.

At night when everyone goes home,

They all get together to laugh and play,

Remembering the previous day

 And they all make a big SPLASH!

It’s nothing like the UK – Joel

It’s nothing like the UK

The glimmering sand

The crystal clear sea

A great place to have a holiday

For you and me

The breaking white waves

Eating the sand

The never ending sea

Slowly fading away

As the night starts to fall

LOL it’s nothing like the UK

The Beach waves – By Tom

The Beach Waves

 There once was a sea, blue as aqua

It was alone for years

But never lived happily ever after

One night one day I was wondering

What to do today

I soon I soon saw a pebble,

Shiny like a golden medal

I came up to the shore and I saw, I saw

The big rocky beach

 I put my waves up and got

Ready to splash

 My damage I will make will

Come out of some body’s cash

Soon my waves splashed like the

Titanic crashing onto the pepples

  I felt good and I would really

Like to do it again

Walking along the rocky shore – By Megan

Walking along the rocky shore.

Walking along the rocky shore,

The waves follow me as I walk down the beach,

The rocks raw as I walk on them,

Then the horror, hard rocks crushing my feet as a walk.

The wind blows me backwards,

It laughs in our face,

We run at a fast pace,

But he doesn’t go away.


The waves form an alliance to pull me in,

The bright fire ball fades away,

As I go further down,

I take my last breath,

And I’m gone

Radio advertisements for a new toy – Year 6

Radio advertisements fo a new toy written and produced by Year 6, links take you to You Tube.













Save the Police Horse Unit

Dear Chief Constable Justine Curran

My name is Ashleigh. I am a pupil at Wawne Primary School and I am writing to you to ask you to not get rid of the Humberside mounted police unit. They came to our school on Tuesday 14th May 2013 to tell us about the horses.  I want to persuade you to keep the mounted police unit.

The mounted police unit is a key role in the police and have been used since 1760 which is 253 years. When they are needed they can get to places where the other cars can’t which makes them more useful. There has been over 2000 signatures against it as well as a parade on Sunday the 26th May.  Tim Hollis was the one to decide to get rid of it and I think it is a bad idea.

When out patrolling a sport like football they can keep people back easily when it could take lots of police to do the same job as the one horse. Horses help break the social barrier between police and people passing by. They are helpful at things like riots by keeping everyone were they should be. They are a lot stronger than the police and 20 police could make up for a horse.

I believe that without the horses help the police force would not be as strong as it is today because they are very controlling animals. If you didn’t have them half of the things you do wouldn’t be easy as it is with them. I am urging you not to get rid of them.

Yours sincerely


Dear Chief Constable Justine Curran,

I am Jacob and I am a year 6 pupil  from Wawne Primary School. Last Tuesday 2 people from the mounted police force came in to speak to us about what they do, what gear thy wear and to show us the horses they brought, called Harvey and Duke. They also told us that the mounted police force was closing down to save money. In this letter I am going to try and persuade you to get the mounted police force back.

The mounted police force has been going on since 1760 so it has been around for 253 years and I would like it to stay longer. 2000 people have signed a petition to against closing the mounted police force so I am not the only person that wants to keep it. If you need to sort out a big crowd a horse could shepherd about 10 people at a time whilst you would need a lot more than 1 police officer to keep 10 people in check. If you see a police man walking in the street you probably wouldn’t say anything but if you saw a horse you would go and pat it a say hello to the police man/lady riding it so horses improve people’s relationships with most police.

Horses, as it says earlier in the letter, can move about 10 people at a time so they come in handy at big events like football matches, Hull City have just been promoted so they will be getting bigger attendances at matches, other sports events, concerts and most of all potential riots. Horses have a key role in keeping the community safe. If you gain £30million by selling the mounted police force, how is that money going to help the community?

Yours sincerely


Class One visit St Peter’s church in Wawne