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Noah’s Ark

Class One have produced some colourful work about Noah and his ark of animals. Have a look at the writing and art work on display in school.






Henri Rousseau inspired art

We looked at other paintings by Rousseau and created our own art…






Christmas 2012

Christmas  has well & truely arrived at Wawne Primary!

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Dear Diary – the day I climbed Everest!

Dear Diary,

A few weeks ago I climbed Mount Everest. Despite the clouds, I felt dizzy when I looked down. It was really frightening because I was on my own! Everything ached when I got to the top of it. Plus, I was out of breath. All I could see was rocky mountain, scraps of land and sky blue, dangerous dips, ice like tops. But as soon as I started to climb down there was an ice patch and I slipped… so I couldn’t grab on to anything. So the rope was snapping… it was on its last 25 stands but suddenly Jordan [my enemy] and cut the rope… but because I was wearing all my protective gear I was saved. My brother said “you are so so lucky. It’s a good job that you were wearing all of your protective gear”.

By Stefan

The Fox – Year 6 Literacy

The Fox

At first I couldn’t believe it, up until that time I’d never been back. So many memories (happy and sad) flooded back of when I was a child. Thick moss covered the rotting walls and window frames that used to have glass in. For nearly all my childhood I lived in this house, how could it have changed so much?

Slowly, I bent down to the tiny window where I used to stand for hours watching people playing outside. It looked horrible and dirty but was still the same window. All of a sudden a fox cub appeared! It looked so sad, so timid. The short minutes passed like long hours. It just froze, staring for all it was worth. I think he thought I hadn’t noticed him. He looked like a statue. Eventually, after a long silence, I flinched and the fox darted back into the rotting building which was once my beautiful home…

By Hannah

Tiger in a Tropical Storm

Find out what made the tiger surprised!