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Christmas Stars

We have been making our Christmas tree decorations, as they are very complicated we have been working in pairs, to help each other! Team work makes us Christmas stars!


Advent Wreath

Rev. Hotchin led our assembly this morning, she talked to us about the advent wreath.
It is made up of circles, circles have no end and no beginning, it also has a cross to remind us that Christ died for us.
She added holly, it is prickly, like the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the cross.
As there are 4 weeks until Christmas, Rev. hotchin added 4 candles, one for each week & a last one to be lit as Christmas Day begins.
The 1st candles reminds us of the grands kings, the 2nd is for the prophets, the 3rd is for John the Baptist (friend of Jesus) & the 4th is for Mary.
The last one is for the birth of Jesus.


Little Red Riding Hood

The children have been learning the story Little Red Riding Hood. They have written shopping lists for Grandma and been shopping for fruit. They made fruit kebabs using a variety of fruits.

 They have also been using positional language to give directions to Grandma’s cottage in maths.


Science – solid, liquid or gas?

Year 5 have been investigating solids, liquids & gases.


Indoor athletics at Beverley High

This morning we are at a local secondary school for indoor athletics. We are competing against 4 other primary schools.



Tiger in a Tropical Storm

Today Class 3 started a collective piece of art – they are recreating Tiger in a Tropical Storm with each child having their own section.


Guided Reading – Class 3

Class 3 have been very busy with several different activities in Guided Reading today. Some children played ‘own that word’, a board game in which the players has to create a sentence containing a particular word…such as gregarious , apoplectic & eloquent.
One group is reading ‘The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas’ and have been working with Mrs Iverson. They said they love reading the book & the opportunity to read linger novels.
Children were also given time to use Lexia, Spellodrome & Mathletics…software programmes used to improve spelling & mental maths.




Science Year 5 – the heart

In Year 5 science Mrs Khan brought in the heart of a sheep to help the children understand about the different parts and how the heart works.


3 Billy Goats Gruff

Today the children started to learn the story of the 3 billy goats and the troll!