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This week poppies went on sale in school. The children have taken turns being responsible for selling them, visiting each classroom everyday.


Back at Wawne – 6 years on!

 Hi, I’m Poppy and this week I have been on my Work Experience from Beverley High School to Wawne. I used to come to Wawne from Years 3 to Year 6, which was almost 6 years ago now! This week I have seen the changes and improvements to the school. When I was here the staff room and the PPA Room was an old Victorian School Room and a Museum.

The technology has changed, for example the school now has computers in all class rooms and access to all the latest technological developments. Also they use new software and websites for example Mathletics, Vivostars and Spellodrome. When I came here we only had Heinemann Maths. The new websites are very interactive and the children love to go on them! The school now teaches Microsoft Excel to the children, we only got taught how to use the basics such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Another thing is they have all new and different teachers and members of staff mostly in Foundation, Class 1 and Class 2! The pupils now have all different apparatus to play on and with at playtimes such as the shed in the playground and the Green Area so you can play all different types of sport such as Football andBasketball. They also have a buddy shed which is great so if you need a friend, you can go and sit in the shed and there will be somebody to help you find a friend so you can have a happy playtime! There’s new furniture and equipment everywhere, it could be the lunch time tables, the drawers in a class room, the whiteboards and the new chairs in mostly all the class rooms!

Wawne Primary School is now happier, more modern and fun school to be in. I really enjoyed seeing and meeting all the new staff and I really enjoyed working with the classes! Thank you everyone! Good Luck in the Future! Poppy.


To round off our work on Victorian inventions we learnt about different forms of communication. As the telephone and Braille where Victorian inventions we learnt more about semaphore, sign language, Braille and the morse code! A very busy afternoon…

School Council

The school council will meet again after half term. This is the opportunity for the pupil’s voice to be heard and for their ideas to be considered. Council members represent their year group & are encouraged not only to bring their own agendas but the thoughts & wishes of their peers.
Council members are voted in by their year group and are expected to work on their behalf by attend meetings, polling for opinions and feeding back to the class.
Please watch is space to find out who represents each year group and listen out in assembly for ways to contact them and express your thoughts.

Mathletics & Spellodrome


Ellie says “I like these programmes as they help me learn more, it’s fun but I’m learning at the same time”.

Indoor PE

On Monday Class 3 had PE indoor due to the damp weather conditions. They were challenged to compete in 3 different activities – vertical jump, standing long jump & ball push.
Congratulations to Ashleigh for being the highest vertical jump, reaching 2m 18cm, slightly higher than Lucy at 2m 14cm & Megan at 2m 12cm!
Tamisha set the standing long jump record at 2m 10cm, closely followed by Kieran (2m 4cm) & Rekekah (1m19cm).
Mrs Howe’s ball push was very competitive, Megan reached 3m 65cm, Lucy & Ellie both threw 3.5m and Ashleigh was in very close with 3.45m.
Well done to all the class for trying very hard to beat their personal best.

Choosing Time

We enjoy choosing time! Look at the all the wonderful things we like to do.

Five little speckle frogs

Nursery enjoyed singing ‘five little speckle frogs’. Look how well they can balance on the bench.

Learning numerals

We have been learning numerals and ordering them to ten.


India & Rangoli designs

This week the children in Class 2 have been printing using their Rangoli designs on different media that will be used to create a class display.

The children have also been looking at a village school in Gudular, India and comparing it to our school.