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Class 1 – Peter Rabbit

Class 1 (Year 1 & 2) are very excited about their new topic this term, Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. The story has been incorporated into Literacy and Numeracy lessons (such as problem solving) as well as drama and ‘speaking and listening’ activities.

India – Class 2

Class 2 (Year’s 3 & 4) have started work on their India topic. Mrs Holgate began by asking the children what they already knew and what they would like to know about India.

Ruby says “In topic we have been learning about India, we have been listening to stories and finding out where India is…we made a map and found out which part of the world it is in. In Guided reading and independent reading I read a traditional story about the Banyan tree”.

Me, Myself & Nursery Rhymes – Foundation & Reception

This term’s topic in Foundation and Reception with Mrs Dales is “Me, myself & nursery rhymes”. The pupils have started work in earnest, talking about their family, creating a family tree, using ICT to draw their family (2Simple software) and drawing a picture of their self.

Hedgerow Walk – Class 3

The surrounding countryside provided a wealth of resources and inspiration for Class 3’s work on hedgerows. As well as teaching the pupils about the importance of Britain’s hedgerows, the work is linked to art, our harvest celebrations and the work of William Morris, a Victorian artist. Later in the term pupils will be learning more about Victorian artists and inventors.

Golden Time

The new ‘Golden Time’ groups and activities have been warmly received by the children. They are enjoying curriculum enriching activities such as photography, dance, sketching, Film Club (including writing reviews) and making their own games.

Cars in Motion – Maths is fun!

Pupils in Class 3 have started ‘Cars in Motion’. It was very successful and popular last year and the pupils now in Year 6 that are ‘experts’ have been training our new recruits! Our first track this term is Abu Dhabi.

 Quote from the website – Our aims are simple – to help raise standards of achievement in mathematics…, to help motivate students generally, to show students of all abilities that maths can be fun and that there is a reason for doing it! Using tried and tested software that simulates the setting up of a racing car, students will encounter a variety of mathematical tasks (some practical) in an effort to win a series of races!


Welcome to our new blog! 2011/12 was an amazing year at WawnePrimary School  and we know that this year will be even better! This blog will chart our endeavors and achievements, please visit as often as you can and leave a comment – we love to hear your thoughts.

This year we will be using this blog for the whole school, rather than separate blogs like last year.