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The Street – by Spencer

Spencer wrote this poem at home without being asked – Mrs Thresh thought it was amazing and worth sharing.

The Street

The silence of the city street,

Only the tapping of my feet,

When a whisper arose,

Were they friends or foes,


I thought should I turn back,

Or would that show my braveness lacks,

A figure stepped forward maybe two,

Thinking with great depth what should I do,


Do I have time to run back,

Or would they then go on the attack,

I couldn’t make out their faces,

But they are in the right sort of places,


The stamping of their feet,

Was like a musical beat,

They then multiplied,

It was then that I sighed,

Blue Tit reports

Mrs Thresh’s literacy group are writing non chronological reports.  We have started with blue tits & for homework the children were asked to do some research.  Emma took this a step further and created this amazing drawing.

Alternative 12 days of Christmas – Literacy style!

12 rhymers rhyming
11 adverbs informing
10 spelling tests
9 commas clausing
8 questions asking
7 speech marks speaking
6 prepositions
5 metaphors
4 connectives
3 adverbs
2 similes
and an ‘ing’ word from the ISPACE

Bear and Hare – Creative Writing – Crossing the log bridge


Paige – As the hares ears went down, his tears floated down this thin fur. Hopping along the icy floor the hare kicked the thick snow that  slowly hit the towering trees. Underneath the glistening moon the hare hopped along the reflecting ice. As quietly as he could be the hare danced around the bears cave before gently putting his present down using fairy steps.


Victoria – Trudging across a dark tunnel, with an evening sky, as a hazy sky came up. Slowly a bear and his reflection in the icy waterway below wandered along. As he looked around there was not a lot of white freezing crunchy frost on the
tall as mansions the trees were towering above him.

Harry – Hurrying along to find the bear, passing over icy water by a slippery log. Kicking ice balls while  sprinting sadly over the slippery log the hare ran off to land!

Joshua – Plodding over the winter kissed log the bear was coved in white snow he looked like he was covered in candy floss. The sky was as droopy as the bear’s body language. Sleeping in the big dark cave the bear was so warm like he was sat next to a fire.


Bear and Hare – Creative Writing

The hare shows the bear the tree being prepared for Christmas. The hare’s mood is very different to the bears.

Learning Objective:                

TBAT describe how we know this?

Success Criteria:

I can show how the hare is excited about Christmas referring to its movements and body language (without saying excited/happy).

Faintly a noise drifted on the icy wind alerting the hare, his ears vigilant and alive.

George – The hare didn’t take any notice his ears sprung he hoped all over the snow and tried to show the bear that this time of the year is wonderful. He bounced he sniffed but didn’t smell winter he smelled something inspirational he sensed people being happy all over and made him cosy near the tree but something wasn’t okay.

Victoria – Then the young hare danced in such a jolly way, he ran he jumped, he was so thrilled. When he reached the large green tree at the end of the hill he stood up on his hind legs, and all he did was think about Christmas day memories and feeling the time come so much closer!

James M – Dancing over the hill the hare left the bear on his own, soon he reached the top of the hill. Standing tall at the top of the hill admiring the tall green Christmas tree the hare soon dashed down to meet all of the other animals A lot of memory’s where flooding back in to his brain.

Paige – With his ears sprung in the air the hare danced around in the snow. Like a spring he hopped around the bear with his nose stuck up in the air. Gazzing up to the tree the hare…

Bear and Hare – Mrs Thresh’s Literacy

walk in wood

We have been using the John Lewis  advertisement as inspiration for creative writing. Here are our ideas for the opening scene.

Wandering across the evening sky the migrating geese soared, unhurried and distant, above the mountain while Autumn slowly descended.


Floating softly through the cold foggy evening sky, the pollen like tiny little fairy’s skimming the luminous crystal light.  As slow as a snail ambling, a bear and a hare were enjoying each others company. Suddenly the immense bear rose up, just to see something bright and special.


Scattering all over were lots of miniature insects, the trees where swaying as the two animals came along the path. Sly as a fox they crept round the dusty path. As the bear and the hare strolled round the trees they were enjoying each other company. Suddenly the bear rose up on his legs and sensed something. 


As the plants departed the clouds danced around the sky. Underneath the misty sky the towering trees just let the light peek through the illumining branches of the lofty trees. Above the moss covered rocks are the enormous misty mountains with just a peek of snow at the top. Wandering slowly and quietly the bear and the hare pondered. Strolling through the bright forest suddenly the bear sensed a part of winter.


Lofty trees and cold misty lakes within towering mountain, the ancient rocky path was used by a few insects. Chestnut brown ferns so small also dead leaves falling to rocking ground. As clever as a calculator they were not forgetting to think about the moss, on the rocks within the freezing wetness of the ground, on the dark, damp floor. Swiftly the big bear and the little hare were just passing by, with the hare on the back of the bear, but then the bear stopped!  Gradually his nose raised twitching around, the air began to get icy.


Slowly glancing down they saw things changing, also hearing the sound of crunching leaves. Above the land was the gleaming light of the sky. Sauntering along the bear and the hare strode along having comedy. Suddenly the bear stood up on to his back legs and recognize that winter was coming.

World War II – Churchill’s Speech June 4th 1940 – Our Diaries

The diary of the soldier – By Harvey

Dear Diary,

Me and my friends where traveling in a truck until suddenly the greatest speech came out at us. It was stunning. I was now very proud, we may have just lost a battle but it didn’t matter, once we heard that speech we went back down to the battle field and we never gave up fighting. We keep fighting no matter what win or lose it… doesn’t matter… we fight for the people, we fight for the town, we fight for the country, we even fight for are allies.

The diary of the soldier – By Kieran Howe & Joel

Dear Diary,

Beneath the ground of Russia’s soil I was told to turn on the radio… Slowly, I turned up the radio. It was our proud leader, Winston Churchill, he proposed a speech. I will never forget these words.

“We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans and we shall fight with growing confidence.”

Me, Harold and Bob rushed outside with the rest of the squad and shot down every bloomin Nazi we saw. Then suddenly somebody shot Kenny! Out of nowhere I felt adrenalin rushing through my veins. With one hand I picked him up and with the other I carried my pistol. I shot down anyone standing in the way of Kenny’s life… Later that day I was awarded a medal of bravery.

The diary of two children in UK – by Katie & Spencer

Dear Diary,

On this day Winston Churchill spoke to the nation with confidence and pride. My sister and I were hiding in the bomb shelter with friends listening to the radio. After it all ended I realized I was proud to be British and wish to sign. But
only if I was 16, I felt like never before I felt like I had enough quality to join and serve the country at this point in life. My sister after a while felt the same and decided it was her desire in life. Winston Churchill our Prime minister determined us and the nation to carry on against all odds. We will not give up on ourselves and fight till we have peace with the Nazi’s. We shall fight to the end with dignity and spirit.

The diary of an evacuee – by Ruby & Alice

Dear Diary,

We have just listened to the most inspirational speech read by my Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  You could hear pin drop in our living room we were all glued to the radio. I ran up to my bedroom writing down the segments of the speech that I could remember so I could send it to my brother back home in London to tell him never give up.  Being an evacuee is so hard but listening to that speech has given me the strength to know that we will go back home and we shall never surrender.


Wanted… words – dead or alive! By Katie

An idea came into my head

It went so quickly like a popping balloon.

It was as quiet as a mouse.

Shaky as a washing machine.

I am sure it was as scared as meercat.

It was playing hide and seek.

It was in a good hiding place.

Too lazy to come out.

Reaching towards it.

Putting it on charge.

Wanted to be as lonely

As a dead body.

Rudely and angrily

Falling asleep once again

On charge.

My Ideas! by Josh

Angrily, charging

That crunching tackle was my idea.

A puff of smoke he had gone

So fast

So strong

So loud

He had smashed through the defence

And scored a try.

He marched back to the half way line.

Clumsy clown words! A poem by James

An idea shuffled in to my head.

Jumping and diving.

A funny fella he was.

Giggling and yelling.

Hopping about.

Like a puff of smoke it flew away.

Clawing the air for the word like a rag doll.

Eventually it landed on the tip of my tongue.

Then off it went again.