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9th January 2015 – Stars of the Week


Isaac and Tristantrying really hard in PE with Jack.


 Class 1

Aden for trying really hard with his reading at home and at school.

Regan for using impressive strategies to add in his head.

Olena for being a good role model for the class.

Jacob Be for really impressive work during fractions, including teaching his friends how to find a 1/3 of an amount.


Class 2

Millie for producing some super sentences in literacy this week.

Harry for superb effort in maths this week – keep it up!

Tommy for impressive division work this week Tommy – well done.

Logan for doing well with his multi-link maths investigation


Class 3

David for a great contribution to class discussions this week.

Maddison for super enthusiasm and speed to embrace new concepts in maths.

Rosa for great problem solving skills in maths this week within the topic of shape.

Tiffany for excellent contribution to group discussion in guided reading this week.

Weather Art

Class One have been creating art work based on their topic of weather.

Self Portraits

Class One have been very creative producing self portraits with water colours. Can you tell who is who?!

Rainbow / Fruit Loops Art

Class One have been investigating colour and rainbows. They used cereal loops to recreate the arch and colours of a rainbow.

Katy Morag

Class One are getting on with their new topic of Katy Morag, today they were looking at different forms of transport on the island.

Raffle tickets – will you earn a reward this week?

At Wawne, children earn raffle tickets for… well just about anything! It might be good work, perfect manners, being thoughful, answering questions, helping out…the possibilities are endless. On a Friday each teacher draws several tickets from the bag and those children can select a prize. It might be stationary, a small toy, magazine, stickers…I wonder what’s up for grabs this week?

Show & Tell

Show & tell in Class One.



Moving Up Morning

Today is Moving Up morning! How do you feel about your new year group, teacher or class? What are you looking forward to the most? What does it mean to move to the next year group? How are you feeling about it, any worries?

Logan’s rainbow art


This is the rainbow art work from today’s Golden Time… by Logan.