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Bear and Hare – Creative Writing – Crossing the log bridge


Paige – As the hares ears went down, his tears floated down this thin fur. Hopping along the icy floor the hare kicked the thick snow that  slowly hit the towering trees. Underneath the glistening moon the hare hopped along the reflecting ice. As quietly as he could be the hare danced around the bears cave before gently putting his present down using fairy steps.


Victoria – Trudging across a dark tunnel, with an evening sky, as a hazy sky came up. Slowly a bear and his reflection in the icy waterway below wandered along. As he looked around there was not a lot of white freezing crunchy frost on the
tall as mansions the trees were towering above him.

Harry – Hurrying along to find the bear, passing over icy water by a slippery log. Kicking ice balls while  sprinting sadly over the slippery log the hare ran off to land!

Joshua – Plodding over the winter kissed log the bear was coved in white snow he looked like he was covered in candy floss. The sky was as droopy as the bear’s body language. Sleeping in the big dark cave the bear was so warm like he was sat next to a fire.


Bear and Hare – Creative Writing

The hare shows the bear the tree being prepared for Christmas. The hare’s mood is very different to the bears.

Learning Objective:                

TBAT describe how we know this?

Success Criteria:

I can show how the hare is excited about Christmas referring to its movements and body language (without saying excited/happy).

Faintly a noise drifted on the icy wind alerting the hare, his ears vigilant and alive.

George – The hare didn’t take any notice his ears sprung he hoped all over the snow and tried to show the bear that this time of the year is wonderful. He bounced he sniffed but didn’t smell winter he smelled something inspirational he sensed people being happy all over and made him cosy near the tree but something wasn’t okay.

Victoria – Then the young hare danced in such a jolly way, he ran he jumped, he was so thrilled. When he reached the large green tree at the end of the hill he stood up on his hind legs, and all he did was think about Christmas day memories and feeling the time come so much closer!

James M – Dancing over the hill the hare left the bear on his own, soon he reached the top of the hill. Standing tall at the top of the hill admiring the tall green Christmas tree the hare soon dashed down to meet all of the other animals A lot of memory’s where flooding back in to his brain.

Paige – With his ears sprung in the air the hare danced around in the snow. Like a spring he hopped around the bear with his nose stuck up in the air. Gazzing up to the tree the hare…

Alice in Wonderland

Here are some photos from our performance of Alice…some backstage action too!

Mrs Shipley, our school librarian has retired after over 20 years of voluntary commitment. We are so grateful for her support and wish her a happy retirement. 

IMG_2808        IMG_2807 IMG_2806


Alice in wonderland – scenery






What do you think of our amazing scenery?  How fabulous… the creative interpretator of Mrs Thresh’s ramblings is our artist in residence… Mrs Hoy!

Christmas Dates


Friday 6th December (Early lunch at 11.50am. Coach leaves at 1pm and returns approx. 4.40pm. Remember to keep Greens Lane  & the junction with Main Street clear of cars to allow coaches to reverse safely. Thank you.

Christmas Productions

Tuesday 10th December:

  • Foundation & KS1 – 10am
  • KS2 – 2.15pm

Wednesday 11th December:

  • KS2 – 10am
  • Foundation & KS1 – 2.15pm

Christmas Dinner Thursday 12th December

Parties – Further details to follow

Monday 16th December 1.10pm – Foundation & KS1

Tuesday 17th December 1.10pm – KS2

St Peter’s Church

Wednesday 18th December at 2pm, followed by refreshments, served by FOWSA, in the school hall.

Non-uniform day – Friday 20th December

School closes at 3.3pm on Friday 20th December & reopens at 9am on Tuesday 7th January 2014.

Michael Morpurgo visits Bridlington Spa


 Making its first ever East  Yorkshire appearance…
The show consists of a reading by Michael Morpurgo accompanied by Virginia McKenna of his book – ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’.
Christmas Carols from Britain, France and Flanders will be sung by accapella ‘Voices at the Door’ – A six piece award-winning singing group featuring: Coope, Boyes and Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya and Georgina Boyes.

Special Delivery!

I’m not sure it’s tall enough Mr Sainter!

Christmas Counting

Christmas pompoms!




Christmas Embroidery

Threading needles, lost thread, knots…it’s been a busy afternoon!