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Design Week 16th June 2014

Tour De France in the Foundation Stage

We began with watching a video and finding out about the Tour De France.

Then we designed our own shirts, just like the cyclists in the Tour De France.

We transferred our designs onto real t-shirts, then we wrote our names on the back with the number of our team for Sports Day.

We made a collage of the Tour De France

We had races on the bikes and Summer won the Yellow Jersey just like the Tour De France winner.

We showed off what we had made in the Parent’s Assembly.

Class 1


DSCF8922 DSCF8923 DSCF8924 DSCF8925 DSCF8926 DSCF8927 DSCF8928 DSCF8929 DSCF8930 DSCF8931 DSCF8932 DSCF8933 DSCF8935 DSCF8937 DSCF8938 DSCF8939 DSCF8941 DSCF8942 DSCF8943 DSCF8945 DSCF8946 DSCF8947 DSCF8948 DSCF8949 DSCF8950 DSCF8951

Class 2

This week we have been learning about safety clothing for the tour de France cyclists.

In D and T week we have been researching the tour de France race, investigating and researching different cycling accessories, testing and modelling different materials and fastenings, creating a final design of our product and planning and making patterns.

We have also cut out our patterns and material, made a fastening using Velcro or elastic, sewn our product and added our own design ideas to the tour de France safety accessories for the cyclists.

IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0068


 Class 3

This week we have been learning all about Design Engineers. We have been looking at what a Design Engineer should look like, what their job is and some famous Design Engineers through time. One of the most famous Design Engineers we have been learning about is James Dyson. Our task this week was to become Design Engineers by designing, producing and making our very own battery powered, motorised buggy. We started off by designing our buggy and observing how we can make it move on its own. We then designed the outside of our buggy and were lucky enough to go to Kingswood Academy

to make our models.

What we enjoyed!

“I enjoyed building the buggy, it was challenging but when we finally did it, it felt so good. When we finished it, the only words in our head were…we did it!” (Spencer)

“I enjoyed using all the tools, going on a trip and spending my time working my hardest” (Jessica)

“I enjoyed it when the man showed us how to use the different machines, it was really impressive. I also loved working with all the tools such as, hammers and drills” (Mia)

“Today was really fun and exciting. I started to use tools I have never used before. I would rate this day 10/10!” (Libby)




More river work!

Class 3 have been working hard on their topic of Rivers. The initial research they did on a particular river is being used to populate a Prezi (to be shared when finished). Other groups are deciding what image to use on the Batik designs.