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Stars of the Week – 3rd October 2014


Grace- fantastic efforts in phonics.

April –for trying hard with her reading in school.


Class 1

Ashton for excellent effort in lessons and being a really kind and helpful friend to other class members

Lacey for thinking about school work at home and writing an excellent Big Write recount of a teddy bear’s picnic.

Keira for absolutely fabulous work on fractions.

Charlie for fantastic effort all week and much improved writing.


Class 2

Olivia- for a great information page in literacy on how Britain has changed over the years

Daniel (K)- for a huge improvement in his handwriting. Keep up the super work Daniel for a pen license.

Amy (R) – for a super Big Write piece of work.  You met all of the key objectives – well done.

Millie (W)– for a huge improvement in your approach to learning. You are trying hard in all areas of learning.


Class 3

Emily- for a fantastic effort in using Reading Eggspress in her own time. Reading a total of 107 books and answering 1456 questions.

Jamie – for being helpful within lessons and completing work within the set time.

Victoria – for a super piece of writing titled ‘Adrift’ – fabulous descriptive vocabulary.

Spencer- for supporting other children’s learning in Science –  a great team player.

Stars of the Week – 26th September 2014


Libby- for her efforts in PE.

Matilda- for trying hard In phonics.


Class 1

Regan for a huge improvement in effort and behaviour in class.

Lucy  for lots of hard work and effort in herMaths work.

Jacob (Be) for excellent imaginative writing in his Big Write this week.

Harvey M for some fantastic writing about Paddington Bear that he did at home.


Class 2

Harry for producing super artwork, whilst studying Harvest Festival in R.E.

Isabelle – excellent effort in maths; specifically is trying hard with the 4 operations.

Freya – mature and hardworking in all areas of leaning – well done Freya.

Lauren for producing super artwork, whilst studying Harvest Festival in R.E.


Class 3

Rennah for her excellent description of ‘if I was an animal I would be…’

Joshua for his imaginative sentences using subordinating conjunctions to add extra information.

Harry for super effort in maths finding the value of missing angles in triangles.

Ruby for finding and using great synonyms in creative writing this week.

Stars of the Week – 5th September 2014




For settling into school and showing good listening and behaviour.


Class 1


Aden– for excellent sounding out during writing activities

Korey – for trying really hard all week.


Jacob(Bu) – lots of effort during singing with Mrs Clare

Ellauise – trying really hard in lesson times and setting good example for the new Year Ones.


Class 2


Ashlene & Cole – For going the extra mile on more than one occasion this week.  All work completed well and considered.


Logan – Fora super improved attitude to learning since coming into Year 4 – well done.

Ruby – continuous super attitude to learning – tried extra hard in maths this week.


Class 3


Alisha – for fabulous work in maths with tenths, hundredths and thousands.

Ellis – super attitude to learning and accurate work punctuating speech.


Jessica – for a fabulous start in year 6 especially in maths working with prime numbers.

James – for a great start to year 6, fabulous attitude to learning especially in group tasks.

Tuesday 1st July 2014 – Mission impossible….or not?

The new children of Class 3 were set a challenge this week.  There mission was to build a tower that would hold a cup of water with the highest tower winning.

They were only able to use the following materials:

20 paper straws

5 lolly pop sticks

2 pieces of A3 paper

4m of string

masking tape.

The winners were Harry and Chloe F followed closely by James and Isobel

photo 1 - Copy (2) photo 2 - Copy (2)


Stars of the Week – 20 th June 2014


Summer –for an excellent week, setting a good example and being very helpful, getting ten out of ten in her spelling test, for trying hard with her handwriting. She also won our ‘Tour De Wawne School’ race.

Max –for trying very hard with his spelling and writing.

Class 1

Charlie for trying hard to decorate his helmet, making a symmetrical pattern.

Jacob for a super finished helmet.

Wilson for taking time with his pattern and design of his helmet.

Denn for overcoming his fear of ‘messy hands’ and trying hard with his Paper Mache and painting.


Class 2

The whole class have worked really well during D and T this week.

Emily and Chloe (F) have demonstrated superb independence and maturity to get on with the task.

The whole class should be proud of themselves and their behaviour on the school trip this week. They were a credit to the school. In particular:-

Jon for wonderful questioning during the school trip; also picked up by the staff at Dalton Estate.

William for super knowledge during our school trip – answering some very challenging questions from the staff at the Dalton Estate.


Class 3

Joshua for producing a great battery motorised ‘Golf Buggy’ that works well independently.

Emma for designing a creative and colourful ‘Sweetie Buggy’ in D & T week.

Rosa for great team work and perseverance when producing her ‘Purple Razor’ buggy this week.

Harry for his enthusiasm and creativity this week in D & T.

Design a Postcard – iPad art

Class 3 have been using the Brushes app on the iPads to create a postcard image, we have entered them into a regional competition. If we win one of these designs will be printed and sold in tourist Infirmation Centres this summer!

Stack ’em high!

In Golden Time some children stacked as high as they could reach!

Photo Booth – Part 2!


School History – Mr Jones

We recently received this letter from an ex pupil, it sheds a fascinating insight into the history of the school and how Mr Jones    made a lasting impact on this pupil…


Dear Mr Sainter,
I was a pupil at Wawne County primary during the mid-late1950’s. Educated initially by the very formidable Mrs Downing – before the reformative Mr Howell Clayton Jones arrived into our midst.

I left the village for college in York in my late teens – and then moved away enjoying a wonderfully rich & largely successful career. In doing so I left behind many happy childhood memories – almost all of them remarkable – especially so by today’s standards!

I moved to the delightful village of Terling in rural Essex almost twenty years ago. Having a science degree, you will almost certainly know the noble gas Argon was discovered here by 3rd Baron Lord Rayleigh – not to mention “Rayleigh Scatter”!, However….!

By dint of remarkable coincidence, I very soon discovered that a near neighbour was to be my ex Head from my alma mater Wawne. Mr Howell C Jones. I first re-acquainted with him in a local Pub within days of moving here after a gap of almost 40 years. Even so after a few minutes I managed to place him in the chronological kaleiescope of my life. What a moment!. He exclaimed when I told him who I was “Good God boy, I was only talking about you the other day”

In his retirement he become a self taught and proficiently modest artist, In fact encouraged him to paint the Wawne Ferry – from an old family photograph. My aunt Liza actually operated it for some years from their farm on the Thearne bank – which seems and is eons ago

Unfortunately, Howell moved away three or four years ago to the Bedfordshire village of Blunham. Sadly earlier this year (5 July) Howell (still a Mr Jones to me) passed away. Fortunately I learnt of his death & was able to attend his funeral as Wawne School’s sole & honary representative!!

You may or may not be aware of Howell’s passing, but I feel it should be noted. He was a unique teacher- an inspirational man. Not a perfect human being by any means, but few of us are. He was also as you may know, mentioned in complimentary terms in the Plowden Report.

Few nine year olds can claim to have excavated a 16C village buried in a field that’s now occupied by a public house – but there are several, I am sure, still living in and around the village that can!
Perhaps, if you feel it’s appropriate, you could during a forthcoming school assembly, you could commemorate Howell – and thank him for his contribution as a teacher & educator.

Best wishes
Paul Harrison (christened & known in Wawne as Nigel)

A visit to our Christmas photo booth!

A fun & festive photo booth has been set up in school, hope our pictures make you smile! Merry Christmas!

If you would like a copy of any individual photographs of your children, please contact Mrs Thresh in school.